twits of the day (28 Feb)

The Blind Side

Director: John Lee Hancock
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron


Suddenly I recall the first article written to comment on a movie. Premonition, which was also casted by Sandra Bullock. I've made my decision to see The Blind Side ever since I saw the trailer.


I was worried before entering to the cinema because I've got no tissue. From the trailer I presume it would be a very touching movie which will make my eyes water. Well, it is a good movie though, but loads of other elements have also made me laugh even more than crying.


This is a good-ended movie with no surprise which is based on a true story. To some extent, it is flat, but not monotonous. You don't need too many dramatic scenes to realise how lucky Michael was to leave the slum, and you don't need too many dialogues to feel how lonely Michael was when he sits in the laundry.

你並不需要太戲劇化的場景才能體會片中主角 Michael 能夠離開貧民窟是一件多麼幸運的事;
你也不需要太多對白來體會坐在洗衣店裡的 Michael 有多麼孤單。

The best touching stories always happens on ordinary people around us. All they need is some extraordinary decisions.


Heart Breaker

I am a heart breaker. However I have made no heart broke except mine. Ever since the end of my last relationship, I was keeping falling in love with those who don't have the same feeling. I realised their feelings through apologies, abomination, isolation and misunderstanding alone with my own broken heart.

The thirst for love is always a great desire of my own. It's just not that easy to overcome defeats come one after another. I am tired and wounded... oh, and thirty-one. During the past three decades I was being told of ways to go and things to do, and endeavored to serve any help to people around me. That was fine cuz I earned my reputation and the meaning of living.

From now on, wherever I go and whatever I do, I will never have my heart break again, particularlly by myself. Not in those kinds of possibilities in the next decade.


I have to admit that I didn't put my fully energy on my work since I returned -- although it never happens on anything. But these days during my sadness and depression about loving people, I found that concentrating on work, or even drowned in it, can be good to temporarily forget unhappy things.

No I'm not gonna devote myself to work, but I shall try to utilise this to increase the reputation and experience of being an employee. And of course, to forget pains.