Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson

At the age of 30, I lost my only admitted idol, Michael Jackson.

在三十歲的這一年,我失去了唯一承認的偶像:Michael Jackson。

15 years ago before I was born, the African American boy started his career. 20 years later, I started to listen to his music & thought that I should have done it earlier. During the last two decades, scandals kept coming out against his personality, appearance, behaviours and career. None of them have taken off the position of being an idol in my heart.

I love his voice, music, and dance. If I am somehow an abnormal man (in some aspects) then I wouldn't doubt another existence who has been performing in public in a significant majority of one's life (45/50). Nonetheless, I saw how great works can be made through such a distorted life.

A friend wonders if he goes to the heaven or hell. I wish a vacancy could be generously left up there for so many hearts he has touched. Two things for sure: his music will last for eternity and he will never have to suffer from the world.

Rest In Peace, MJ.

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  1. As an extraordinary artist, he chose an ordinary day to leave quietly. I really doubt he had really gone. I prefer to believe that he left the earth and went back to the planet where he belongs to, just like what they said in the movie "Man In Black". This guy can't be a human, it's just his visa to our planet was expired so he has to leave.

  2. kinda funny though, but it does makes me feel better :P