Happy Christmas

Christmas time, the 25th of December 2007, was the day I truely returned from the UK. It has been 2 years since that day and this time, I am about to head to another city for a Xmas party. I wrote a Christmas card & bought a book and have them send to someone. As a sign for myself, I regard it as a full stop to end a relationship.A quite unforgettable & unhealthy relationship during the past 3 months.

There were sweet at the beginning & bitterness till now and I'm feeling that... I must do something to prevent it from getting worse. Otherwise I can only have myself hurt & others bothererd. Now I'm sitting in my room waiting for the train and being numb. Thousands of words need to be express but I just can't say a letter. I do not know what is going to be between us and I've got no expectation for that. Giving up requires courage, I think I may have enough one but I still can't sure if its a right choice.

Merry Christmas, that is the only thing I can say now; and I have already spoke it out.
Let time erase everything, and hopefully, we can both smile on the streets on the next Xmas.

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  1. 難怪你要點播Lonely Christmas,也算是一種「觸景生情」嗎?慢慢來,時間會幫你解決某些困境的吧....