Future... which is handled in my own hands, has never been clear enough for me to see through.

There are always things which I cannot predict, control, put away even give up, but every little thing I do with it will change the result dramaticly.

I don't know what kind of achievement will I reach in my life, but every effort I make to live do effects it.

Maybe its not the time to doubt about the future, but do my best at this moment.

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  1. That\'s right .... i agree with yours !

  2. 未來...現在的自己,是否能看的清楚?是事實上的看不清楚,還是認知上的看不清楚?這兩者的差異,當事人在當下是否能真的知道...我想應該很少很少人知道吧?不然,大家就會都變成神了。