hypochondria: extreme depression of mind or spirits often centered on imaginary physical ailments.



I used to think that ones who get hypochondria must be strong self-contempt to themselves, a severely gloomy and mind-weaken person. In another word, I think a coward gets hypochondria. However, I never imagine that a comedy performer could have injured by it even to death.


It is said that the hypocondria is "a cold of heart" which indicates of no medicative cure, and everyone is possible to get it. It is even one of the biggest diseases comes afterward cancer and AIDS in this century.


Could I get hypochondria? Maybe, maybe not. At least, I am not people who think they will never get involved with such disease. A clever girl has told me that friends are my precious treasure and I trust it faithfully. One day, if I get a hypochondria, my friends, you will be my cure.