A chat about LOVE

Rita is one of my best friends.
It was started with a normal chitchat.
And when it came up to star signs, the Virgo beauty suddenly worried.

"Am I lack off the vision of seeing people ?"
She wondered if her standard among men was too high? or it was actually men's faults.
After a few broken relationships, she stated to doubt herself, and it got worse by time.

I think one easily gets blinded when the age gets increased.
Sometimes, age doesn't represent "experience",
it becomes to a fence which blocks the heart contrarily.
You think you can confidently follow your experience to judge,
but somehow you ignore the intuition born with you.

This ironically happens when a woman is picking up a man, or vice versa.
"You make a decision because this guy fits your standards, and also with your EXPERIENCE
you think he'll be a nice guy because of this and that."

What I want to say is, you put too many standards and measures to value a person
rather than listen to your own heart.
Having a relationship is not something sensible like writing essays or buying stocks.
In my opinion, it needs more sensibility and an impulse.

Maybe I don't have any qualification to comment about this.
But I am certainly the one who always thinks too much to make a move, or even worse --
make a bad move eventually.

That's why, I think you should retract your worries and just let your heart lead you.
As to me, I am still looking for my heart. We're not ROAMING together.

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