Londoner, Berliner, New Yorker...
these words represent the residents of corresponding cities;
especially international big cities.

when I came back to Taipei, and taking buses and MRT,
I started wondering... what am I ?
Initially it was just an "English question": what should I call myself?
Taipeier? Taiper? or like a magazine: Taipei Walker ?

Later I found that many non-English or non-European names
are all difficult or not fluent to put an "er" behind.
such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Shanghai.

I think I will prefer "Taipei Walker" :P
or "Taipei Rider" -- when I go back to my bike.

2 則留言:

  1. "What am I?"
    --> A human being... >_<

    Dear, should be "Who am I?" Bah...


    Anyway, welcome back!!!

    Good luck!!!

  2. actually this involved the doubt of which species I am. *smirk*