Everyone shall agree that it is a positive attitude to be optimistic.
The point is how well can you be?

I am.. welll was a optimistic guy.
It was long long time ago when I studied in college.
Innocent, ingenuous and simple, these terms can be easily linked with optimism.
and those are what I was in early ages.

By the time goes, I met people, and suffered, experienced things,
and little by little I lost the sense of looking things from the light side.
I've been told to be bright while I've been kept meeting despairing ones.
and I've been advising people to think optimistically while I've been asked to be less gloomy.

Suddenly today, not because of someone's words or the weather,
I felt that I should be more optimistic !!
Such a simple idea which has been said for numerous times became a fresh inspiration today.

When it gets hotter, I can't help stop thinking of the same days last year.
Those when I struggled fighting with my insecurities, doubts
and failures of relationships with people around me and people I loved.

Some scenes are seemed to be familiar and likely to be put on the stage again.
and the fear emerged along with all these feelings makes me want to end the vicious spiral.

It is not that hard to think brightly; only a bit of self-confidence is needed.
As long as I believe in myself a bit more, the illusions which make me think wildly can be smashed.
With a drawback which I always aware of, I NEED to keep this thinking with me,
and put it into physical actions or advanced thinkings.

Then maybe, I may retrieve my lost innocence one day.

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  1. 都是英文...

  2. 我覺得還是跟天氣有關係

  3. 其實並沒有那麼嚴重