19 Oct. 2007 - On the plane

It is displayed 14:00, GMT, on my laptop.
I am actually in the 10,000km high sky above the eastern coast of Black Sea.
So it should be 16:00 now in Turkey.
Whatever the time zone is, I am definitely on my way back home.

Before boarding, there were a few accidents happened on the way from Berlin to Frankfurt Airport.
We've been to the wrong train station on 18th night and then hired a taxi to the right one.
The train delayed 15 minutes so that my mom and professor had to wait in the cold wind with me.
I was not able to arrive the airport directly with that train, but luckily,
the way from Frankfurt main station to the airport was not too difficult to find.
I took 15 minutes to Frankfurt Airport Termainal 1 by S-Bahn and took airport shuttle to Terminal 2.

However, the time was a bit rush because it was 10 o'clock when I arrived the checking desk,
and my flight was scheduled to depart at 11:40.
I was actually a bit nervious when I heard the broadcast asking
passengers of my flight to be hurry when I was waiting for the security check.

Nonetheless I successfully on board and enjoyed my first meal.
There is still a long way to go before landing and the electricity of my laptop is limited
so I am not gonna stare at my screen for the next 9 hours.
I am planning to use the toilet when there is no more long queue outside its door.
Maybe another movie afterwards, and then I should take some rest.

Hopefully when I wake up there will be less than 2 hours to wait.
Then I will be able to see my father and some friends who are coming to pick me up.
After two years plus two months and twenty days, I am eventually going back to my home country.
Am I prepared? Am I welcome? and where am I going to be?
That is another chapter...

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  1. wow, you've got an extemely dangerous situation.
    Congratulations for enduring all of these. It's must be a very very complex mood since you've not been taiwan for such a long time. I can't imagine what it's like....

  2. that's life, Fabia.
    there are ups & downs, glad that I overcame everything difficult.